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Merida, Ying-Hsuan Chen

I will ride,
I will fly.
Chase the wind
and touch the sky.

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Rant post aside, how about some pretty pictures?

I made this costume as a secret for SDCC this year and finally got a photoshoot with it last week! My dress has ~13 hours worth of screen printing on it and countless hours of hand-gluing 3700 gems to the bottom. Even though I don’t wear a corset with it, I still can’t move or breathe in the thing lol. Wig is also custom made by me (and is a continual piece of work) along with the work on my bow and painting on the sword! Probably one of my favorite costumes to date, if I wear it to ALA I’ll be making her circlet and white head piece (:
Major thanks to Robert & Jeff for the gorgeous photos!


Brave color work 1

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Good Morning! Just a quick sketch. :) #art #disneyart #disney #merida #brave #bow (Taken with Instagram)


+ Brave • personal tribute +


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Brave - In theaters: June 22nd, 2012


Pixar’s Brave (2012)

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