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Merida, Ying-Hsuan Chen


I watched Brave recently and there was a scene that stuck with me. At Merida’s low point, she sits in a cave in the rain and reflects the mess she was in. As opposed to her typical puffy hair, we got to see her hair getting wet in this scene and it’s one of the rare times in the movie where her hair isn’t so flashy and over-powering. Her hair is muggy, stranded, and deformed from its glory. I think the Merida’s hair was a great device that reflected her mental state. Good design!


Finally finished my Merida drawing !! Got a little rushy for the bg, because I had spent too much time on her already.. Anyways, I’m pretty happy w/ her, less with the bg but.. Maybe I’ll do it again later :)


something something brave merida something

(love the way they portray the bear in the trailer, got inspired.)


Brave !!!